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Plan to make a living playing poker. I need the secret recipe for building a roll.
2 HRS AGO - I guess I should tell a little about myself first. From around 2005 to 2008ish I made the Expand
Laboring Along
1 DAY AGO - It’s Labor Day in the U.S., a holiday from work for most, although for freelancing types like me Expand
Bartering in Barcelona
6 DAYS AGO - Pretty well locked into this EPT Barcelona Main Event final table right now, which has finally Expand
Feeding and Reading
25/08/2014 - Another nice day on the farm here. I was just doing barn chores. Every weekday afternoon about Expand
Looking in Over at Learn
22/08/2014 - Continuing to follow the EPTLive coverage from Barcelona, marveling some today at the number of Expand
Poker, the Least Sporty Sport
20/08/2014 - The fall semester has already begun, and that means I’m again teaching my “Poker in American Film Expand
Colman, Chomsky, and Irrational Attitudes of Submission to Authority
18/08/2014 - Listened over the weekend to the newest episode of Todd Witteles’s PokerFraudAlert podcast, the Expand
Sailing with the family, summer in Sicily and grinding online
14/08/2014 - I joined my parents and brother for some wonderful days sailing on the Swedish west coast. The Expand
Sailing with family, Summer in Sicily and online poker @888poker
13/08/2014 - I joined my parents and brother for some wonderful days sailing on the Swedish west coast. The Expand
Shannon Shorr - Mount Kilimanjaro: The Battle and Experience
12/08/2014 - Hey friends! At 6:34 a.m. local time Friday I summited the world's largest free-standing mountain, Expand
15 HRS AGO - What's up guys! Recently, I've found some new motivation. I have to admit, first, that I really Expand
Reviewing Zachary Elwood’s Verbal Poker Tells
4 DAYS AGO - I mentioned earlier this week how I’d been reading Zachary Elwood’s Verbal Poker Tells, his Expand
Chris Moorman - The Power of Thinking Positively in Poker
6 DAYS AGO - The Power of Thinking Positively in Poker The power of the mind and positive thinking is something Expand
Linda Johnson - Eureka, I've Found it in Mesquite, NV!!!
25/08/2014 - Sorry I haven’t written a blog lately but I’ve been busy playing poker. I just got home from 10 Expand
Dan Colman and Olivier Busquet T-Shirts and the Censorship Issue
22/08/2014 - Earlier this week, Dan Colman and one of his OneDrop backers, Olivier Busquet, played heads-up for Expand
Rewatching Notkin’s Triple-Knockout; or, Did Anybody Fold an Ace?
19/08/2014 - Glad today to tune back in for the return of the EPTLive stream from Barcelona. Coverage of the Expand
My live tournament plans for the rest of 2014
16/08/2014 - This Autumn I’m planning to play more live poker than before. Here is my preliminary live Expand
Here Comes the Flood: Newsweek on Online Poker
14/08/2014 - A long cover feature about online poker from the latest issue of Newsweek became available online Expand
Mushrooms, Real and Imagined
13/08/2014 - We’ve gotten a lot of rain here on the farm over the last week or so. Recently a couple of these Expand
Watching Golf, Watching Poker
11/08/2014 - Got thoroughly caught up in the PGA Championship yesterday. Such high quality play from the Expand
Short at SHRPO
16 HRS AGO - Poker news over the three-day weekend focused largely on that Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Expand
What the Winner Wins
5 DAYS AGO - Well, I couldn’t shut off that EPTLive stream last night, watching all of the way to the very end Expand
T-Shirt Talk
7 DAYS AGO - There has been an abundance of talk of late about poker players showing up at televised final Expand
Daniel Negreanu - Poker and Politics
24/08/2014 - Lots of great discussion and blogs on the topic of whether or not political discussion belongs at Expand
Rambling, Gambling Willie’s Card Trick
21/08/2014 - Not long ago Vera saw that Farm Aid is coming to North Carolina next month, and after looking over Expand
Daniel Negreanu - A Softer Warning System for Poker
19/08/2014 - So I am headed to my seat in the 50k Euro Super High Roller event and at the same time, the Expand
More on Newsweek (Goodman’s Addendum)
16/08/2014 - I see Leah McGrath Goodman has tried to write a response of sorts today taking into account some Expand
Sole Survivor - WSOP 2014 Review
13/08/2014 - I have mixed feeling about the WSOP this year. As far as locations go, Las Vegas is one of the Expand
Dropping in on “The Big One for One Drop”
13/08/2014 - Was writing yesterday in general terms about watching poker on the tube, then tonight I found Expand
Diary of a Low Volume Grinder part-8 "Relentless Work Ethics" "Super Sunday"
10/08/2014 - So here i am again writing in this blog a few hours before my Sunday session. There are a lot of Expand
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