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Arriving in Viña
18 HRS AGO - I’ve made it back to South America to beautiful Viña del Mar where the eighth season of the Latin Expand
RAWA Hearing Nearing
2 DAYS AGO - This Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) has reared its head again, with the bill having been Expand
Community Building at the APA
3 DAYS AGO - Definitely followed with interest all of the reports from that American Poker Conference and Expand
Wicked Chops 10 Years In the Industry Month
4 DAYS AGO - Friday night at the SLS in Beverly Hills, the Entities huddled and said to themselves they said, Expand
When They Introduced Mr. Spock to Poker
7 DAYS AGO - Sad news today regarding the death of Leonard Nimoy at age 83. Nimoy was most famous, of course, Expand
Relatively Speaking
7 DAYS AGO - Big snowfall here overnight last night, starting around dusk and lasting pretty much until the sun Expand
Four-Handed Action on the Farm
26/02/2015 - The other day I stepped outside to witness an interesting scene involving all four of our “barn Expand
Daniel Negreanu - My Favorite Word: Integrity
25/02/2015 - Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. That Expand
Recent Reads
24/02/2015 - Thought I’d take a post today to pass along some interesting poker-related reads from the last few Expand
Birthday Home Game tonight!
1 DAY AGO - Hey friends! After wonderful birthday celebrations here in Malta yesterday I will run a Birthday Expand
Doing the Little Things Right - Bad Beats
2 DAYS AGO - You’ve experienced a bad beat before, we all have. Take pride in your bad beats, walk away with Expand
PH’s Cool Week in the Caribbean
3 DAYS AGO - My ride to the Caribbean! A 767: converted to all “first class seats” that recline The Expand
Experimental MTT Strategy
4 DAYS AGO - So, I am realllllly new to P5's and it seems a really good place to be. Definitely one of the Expand
Daniel Negreanu - The Signing of Jason Somerville
7 DAYS AGO - The signing of Jason Somerville represents exactly the kind of changes that I think will help Expand
Risking your personal life
26/02/2015 - Thanks for taking the time out to even look at this blog. I saw a thread earlier, and thought to Expand
How to get your partner interested in poker, BRM and more – My February column in Poker Player Magazine
25/02/2015 - You can read my Column ‘In the tank’ in the February Issue of the PokerPlayer UK Magazine online Expand
Analyzing Analytics
25/02/2015 - Yesterday ESPN published kind of an interesting piece in which all 122 professional teams in the Expand
Katie Dozier - An Open Letter to PokerStars
21/02/2015 - If someone were to ask me in chat on your site right now, “U Mad Bro,” unfortunately the answer Expand
Maggie, the Moon, and Me in Miami
1 DAY AGO - Checking in here quickly from the Miami airport where I have stopped off en route to Viña del Mar, Expand
Doing the Little Things Right - Nutrition
2 DAYS AGO - Poker is a highly time consuming activity, a single session can last from a couple of hours to Expand
3/1 Update
4 DAYS AGO - It's been a really long time since I've blogged and yesterday was my best score ever so what Expand
Early results in ACR MTT micro stakes
6 DAYS AGO - Yesterday was the first day I started to play micro MTTs. I have moved away from the $10 Expand
Six questions to ask when vetting your roofing contractor
7 DAYS AGO - In most communities, the rules and regulations surrounding contractors can be rather strict. Expand
FIFA 15 Remarkable Forex trading Strategy -Make 50 k quickly
26/02/2015 - Creating coins in FIFA 15 Coins is really tough. Particularly now, when all charges are quite high Expand
In the tank, February – Strategy how to get your boy friend intrested in poker, BRM and more
25/02/2015 - You can read ‘In the tank’ February Issue in the PokerPlayer UK Magazine online now.
Six questions to ask when vetting your roofing contractor
24/02/2015 - In most communities, the rules and regulations surrounding contractors can be rather strict. Expand
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