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PokerStars’ New Jersey Launch In October?
14 HRS AGO - While there was speculation that PokerStars would launch in New Jersey on October 1st having Expand
Not Watching Poker
3 DAYS AGO - Have to admit I’ve more or less drifted away from following the 2014 World Series of Poker Expand
Two More for the PHOF
24/10/2014 - I mentioned a few weeks ago when the nominees for this year’s Poker Hall of Fame were announced Expand
“I Hate Trusting Anybody”
23/10/2014 - Ben Bradlee, the longtime executive editor of The Washington Post who became a nationally-known Expand
Josh Brikis - Fantasy Draft - Team Pro - Josh Brikis
21/10/2014 - Well Hello there everyone…it has been quite some time since I wrote anything. It’s funny because Expand
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Day 2 -- Nacho with Chips
18/10/2014 - It was a long one yesterday -- another noon-until-after-midnight shift -- and it’ll be another Expand
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Day 1b -- Sweet October Miracle
17/10/2014 - All goes well in Lima. The turnout turned out better than anticipated, with 692 total entries -- Expand
latest Poker News
16/10/2014 - Integrity games PokerStars TLB points off Christian Cloud S Trana history who buys the flavor of a Expand
Perusing Peru Posts
14/10/2014 - A quick one this morning to report I’m back in an airport again, about to make another trip down Expand
Daniel Negreanu - The Four Agreements: Poker Edition
13/10/2014 - If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend a book called, "The Four Agreements" written by Expand
Going Negative
1 DAY AGO - We’re less than a week away from midterm elections here in the U.S. Of course, anyone in this Expand
Chess vs. Poker in the Cold War: Planning Ahead vs. Reacting to the Last Hand
4 DAYS AGO - On February 5, 1961, Oskar Morgenstern wrote an article for The New York Times titled “The Cold Expand
Eugene Katchalov - Take part in “Katchalov Giveaway” for a chance to meet me and win a brand-new iPhone!
23/10/2014 -   Starting October 20, and all the way to December 14, you have a perfect chance to get your hands Expand
Guess it had to happen sooner or later
22/10/2014 - Anybody familiar with the capabilities of software will understand that it's what the 21'st Expand
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Day 4 -- A Grand Final
20/10/2014 - The final day of play in the LAPT Peru Grand Final Main Event took a while, starting at noon on Expand
Swedish tax authority cracking down on online poker winnings
18/10/2014 - Sweden’s online poker players and online gamblers may be getting an unwanted visit from the Expand
Online Poker Blog
Shared by Poker News Boy
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Day 1a -- Mata Aces, BodogAri, and More
16/10/2014 - We were nearing the end of the night yesterday when I told Sergio, my blogging colleague here on Expand
Sole Survivor - Improvements to the Game
15/10/2014 - I just got back from GPS Nottingham which was another well run festival at the Dusk Till Dawn Expand
888live – Cyprus donkeys!
13/10/2014 - It was my second time with 888poker on their own live tournament #888live – this time in beautiful Expand
Ivey Loses, Spin & Go Spins, and Johnny Carson’s Poker Game
11/10/2014 - Hello, weekend (almost). Looking back on the week in poker, there were three items I wish I’d had Expand
Missing Game 7
2 DAYS AGO - I was mentioning yesterday how that other World Series -- of baseball, not poker -- had emerged Expand
NJ Sports Betting: Leagues Throw Out the Challenge Flag
7 DAYS AGO - Was curious this afternoon to see what might happen up in New Jersey regarding its efforts to Expand
In the tank, September – Patience is a virtue at the poker table
23/10/2014 - You can read ‘In the tank’ from the September Issue of PokerPlayer UK Magazine online now
The Professionals Leave the Table
22/10/2014 - Today Full Tilt Poker announced they aren’t renewing sponsorship contracts with Viktor “Isildur1” Expand
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Day 3 -- Muy Rápido
19/10/2014 - An unexpectedly fast one yesterday at the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Grand Final. Not sure Expand
From flip flops to winter boots – EPT London
17/10/2014 - Summer and Winter clothes in the same bag Directly from Cyprus and 888live me and Luca took a Expand
You must read this and vote for me as well, it may be a matter of life and death
16/10/2014 - Hello everybody, I am really happy to be your friend I have been very busy lately meeting up with Expand
Travel Report: LAPT7 Peru, Arrival -- Holding It Together
15/10/2014 - Have made it safely to Lima, Peru, the 3,200-mile trip (or whatever it is) going about as smoothly Expand
Picked Apart
13/10/2014 - After six weeks of the NFL football season, I’m feeling as though I’ve been thoroughly picked Expand
Taking Your Breath Away: Operation Choke Point
09/10/2014 - I wanted to follow-up on yesterday’s post about my bank of nearly 11 years -- Fifth Third Bank -- Expand
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