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“What Micon Is Firing On”
7 HRS AGO - Of course I’m about to drop a grip of affiliate links. You know your boy is on that Expand
PokerNews Podcast Episode #249: Poker Legislation feat. Matthew Kredell
2 DAYS AGO - Rich and Donnie break down all of the latest stories, including the prop bet beef between Mike Expand
Just Going To Leave This Here Until They Take It Down
4 DAYS AGO - Kill All the Jews – The Gaza Girls Debut Single SPOOF from Gaza Girls on Vimeo. Oh, and Expand
Online Poker on the Uptick? - Garden State Super Series marks a return to positive directions
6 DAYS AGO - Believe it or not, I’m playing online poker again. I’ve bought in three times already, so yay, it Expand
PokerNews Podcast Episode #248: Poker Hall of Fame Finalists feat. Nolan Dalla
11/09/2014 - Nolla Dalla joins the PokerNews Podcast to discuss the 2014 Poker Hall of Fame finalists, the Expand
Positive Poker with Daniel Negreanu
10/09/2014 - My guest today on The Mental Game of Poker Podcast needs no introduction. Daniel Negreanu is one Expand
Thinking Poker Podcast Episode #94: Terrence Chan
09/09/2014 - Nate and Andrew break down a live seven-card stud hand that Nate played, and then talk with Expand
GPI Update Episode #23: All Hail the King
05/09/2014 - “King” Dan Smith tops both the Global Poker Index Player of the Year race and the GPI 300, setting Expand
PokerNews Podcast Episode #247: $10 Million Guarantee Falls Short feat. Dan O’Brien
03/09/2014 - Donnie and Rich take a look at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10 Million Guarantee, which fell Expand
Kristy Arnett On DonkDown Radio Tomorrow re: Choice Center
02/09/2014 - Yesterday I read Kristy Arnett’s blog about her recent Choice Center experience.  As a Expand
Scott's travels
1 DAY AGO - Mr. Long goes to the northern Midwest and visits quite a few poker rooms, including one in Canada.
Tomorrow on DonkDown Radio: Very Special Guest “Weev” aka Andrew Auernheimer
3 DAYS AGO - If you haven’t heard about Weev, you will within a few week of “The Hacker Wars” Expand
Some Nerdy Bitcoin Shit: BitSmart Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
4 DAYS AGO - Yup, you are going to have to be into bitcoin like a boss to get all of this: And if you Expand
“Congress shall make no law abridging the right to hump a statue of Jesus.”
7 DAYS AGO - Says this MotherJones article and this now-famous pic of a 14 yr old kid “simulating Expand
Poker Hall of Fame nominees
11/09/2014 - The Poker Hall of Fame announces the nominees for this year's class.
Hard Rock misses guarantee
04/09/2014 - This week we discuss Hard Rock Hollywood missing its $10M guarantee and what the industry is Expand
Thinking Poker Podcast Episode #93: Andrew “BalugaWhale” Seidman
02/09/2014 - Andrew and Nate review a hand from a live $1/$2 cash game before talking with semi-professional Expand
Weev Came On DonkDown Radio | Andrew Auernheimer Announces He Left USA For Lebanon
2 DAYS AGO - Big thanks to Weev for coming on the show. @rabite on twitter (slave name Andrew Auernheimer) came Expand
Thinking Poker Podcast Episode #95: Ryan Laplante
3 DAYS AGO - Andrew gives us an update from Montreal, where he is grinding the World Championship of Online Expand
$70M More Flows Into FanDuel. DFS Is Getting Bananas!
6 DAYS AGO - Daily Fantasy Sports. DFS. It’s been taking up a lot of my office time. I can’t help Expand
Joby Weeks & Objectivist Girl | DonkDown Radio
11/09/2014 - DonkDown radio was joined once again broadcast to the adoring public! Objectivist Girl came on and Expand
Take 2: New Looks Sick, Launches for Bitcoin
09/09/2014 - The beauty of bitcoin is that it “gives a bunch of monkeys a bunch of typewriters” Expand
Seriously, If You Are Not Firing DFS Today…
06/09/2014 - …Then what are you doing?  This company just took a $41M funding round to the face.  You Expand
DonkDown Radio With Kristy Arnett & Moar
04/09/2014 - A fun-filled episode of DonkDown radio with Kristy Arnett.  We started to get real about Choice Expand
What The Police State Looks Like
03/09/2014 - Sucks to be black in the USA right now.  Shout to the hotivist (hot activist) @CassandraRules for Expand
Hal Finney Won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
01/09/2014 - Never heard of Hal Finney?  He will likely only be a footnote in crypto-history, but man, such an Expand
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