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Hells Cold Day
Mental Game Fish
Reading Poker Tells
Thinking Poker
The Death of Poker (brought to you by Legacy Headstones of Ohio)
9 HRS AGO - I get a lot of weird offers from random companies who want to pay me to put up ads or to do Expand
A Bad Time to Balance
11/04/2015 - $5/$10/$20 game with $2500 stacks. UTG2 opens to $60, gets four calls, I call with 85s in the BB. Expand
What’s Your Play? Suited Gapper In Position, Deep Results
03/04/2015 - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? Suited Gapper In Position, Deep. The very Expand
Episode 119: Jimmy Fricke
23/03/2015 - Jimmy Fricke, once known as “Gobboboy”, was one of the early stars of the internet Expand
Molly’s Game: An Interesting Glimpse Into Private, High-Stakes Poker Games
19/03/2015 - (Full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a Expand
Episode 117: Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen
10/03/2015 - On April 10, 2001, Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen was a professional poker player Expand
The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 4
06/03/2015 - Hot off the virtual presses, my latest e-book chronicling the 2009 WSOP Main Event is now Expand
Episode 116: Edoardo Sforza
03/03/2015 - Edoardo Sforza has moved up through the ranks to become a contender in some of the biggest MTTs on Expand
Not Quite the Nuts
28/02/2015 - Villain joined the game around 5PM and immediately ordered a beer and a double shot of Petron, Expand
Episode 122: Ethics and Strategy
4 DAYS AGO - Nate and Andrew field some mailbag questions related to both poker strategy and ethics, including Expand
Episode 120: Matt Savage
07/04/2015 - Matt Savage, tournament director extraordinaire, talks shop about it takes to put on a great Expand
What Do Ranges Want?
02/04/2015 - My latest poker strategy article, What Do Ranges Want?, is now appearing in the Two Plus Two Expand
Mini-Review: Applications of No-Limit Hold ‘Em
21/03/2015 - I recently finished reading Matthew Janda’s Applications of No-Limit Hold ‘Em and Expand
Episode 118: Shaniac
17/03/2015 - Shane “Shaniac” Schleger is kind enough to grace us with his presence despite Expand
What’s Your Play? Top Pair Facing River Bomb
06/03/2015 - This is a continuation of What’s Your Play? KJo in the BB. For a discussion of the pre-flop Expand
Personalized Poker Coaching Now Available
05/03/2015 - I’m excited to announce the newest and most affordable poker coaching I’ve ever Expand
What’s Your Play? KJo in the BB
02/03/2015 - Game is 9-handed $5/$10 NLHE with deep stacks. UTG is a typical splashy recreational player, with Expand
Episode 115: “Professor” Ben Yu
23/02/2015 - Ben “ProfessorBen” Yu is an accomplished multi-table tournament player with three WSOP Expand
Episode 121: Joe Giron
14/04/2015 - Joe Giron has been photographing the World Series of Poker and other major poker events for nearly Expand
Selling Action in SCOOP Package
06/04/2015 - I’m going to be in Vancouver next month for the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Expand
What’s Your Play? Suited Gapper In Position, Deep
31/03/2015 - Sorry but there’s no new podcast this week. The show will return next Monday, April 6, with Expand
Mailbag: Restealing Pocket Pairs
19/03/2015 - Q: My question is about a hand from a sunday 109rb tournament. I am already in the money and find Expand
What’s Your Play? Top Pair Facing River Bomb Results
12/03/2015 - Thanks to everyone who commented on this week’s What’s Your Play? Here’s a Expand
What’s Your Play? KJo in the BB Results
06/03/2015 - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? KJo in the BB. I think my favorite was Expand
Free Poker Tells Videos
03/03/2015 - Right now, my Reading Poker Tells YouTube channel has 10 instructional videos focused on different Expand
Not Much More
01/03/2015 - Game is $3/$5, though we’ve been playing intermittently with a $10 straddle (which I Expand
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