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Hells Cold Day
Mental Game Fish
Reading Poker Tells
Thinking Poker
What’s Your Play? Suited Broadway on the Flop
12 HRS AGO - This is a continuation of What’s Your Play? that began last week. For discussion of the Expand
My Bluff magazine poker tells column
3 DAYS AGO - Many of you might not know that I’ve been writing a monthly column for Bluff magazine for Expand
Nate and Gareth Live Streaming MiniFTOPS Final Table
16/01/2015 - If you’ve enjoyed Nate and Gareth’s mixed game commentary as much as I have, then Expand
Heads Up Limit Hold ‘Em Solved!
09/01/2015 - Big congratulations to the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group and their Expand
Episode 108: David Einhorn
29/12/2014 - David Einhorn is the founder and president of Greenlight Capital. He’s made a name for Expand
Episode 107: Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers
23/12/2014 - Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers’ job title is Manager of Poker Information for Bluff Expand
What’s Your Play? Top Pair Facing Turn Donk
14/12/2014 - This is from a $5/$10 game at Lucky Chances (yes, I finally got out there last night). Villain Expand
Lessons From the Main Event: Heads Up Play
07/12/2014 - My latest poker strategy article, “Lessons From the WSOP Main Event: Marginal Hands in Expand
Episode 104: The Nate and Andrew Fun Time Strategy Hour
02/12/2014 - It’s an all-strategy episode as your hosts tackle spread-limit hold ‘em, value Expand
What’s Your Play? Suited Broadway Preflop Results
12 HRS AGO - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? Suited Broadway Preflop. You all came up Expand
Episode 110: The Computer Poker Research Group Solves HULHE!
4 DAYS AGO - Dr. Michael Bowling and PhD candidate Mike Johanson from the University of Alberta Computer Poker Expand
Episode 109: Ringing in the New Year with Leo Wolpert
12/01/2015 - Old friend Leo Wolpert joins us to talk about setting goals, taking breaks, and planning for the Expand
No New Podcast This Week
05/01/2015 - Sorry but I’ve had some stuff come up and I need a week off. We’ll return to our usual Expand
Best of the Thinking Poker Podcast 2014
26/12/2014 - Nate and I are grateful to those of you who have listened to The Thinking Poker Podcast this year, Expand
Twenty-Five Games, Two Great Hosts
18/12/2014 - As you may remember from his latest appearance on the podcast, Gareth Chantler is now in charge of Expand
WCOOP Live Play Videos
11/12/2014 - Now appearing on Tournament Poker Edge is a series of videos I recorded live while playing the Expand
Tommy Angelo writes foreword for Verbal Poker Tells
05/12/2014 - If you don’t know who Tommy Angelo is, you should read his respected book Elements of Expand
This Cyber Monday…
01/12/2014 - …or whenever you do your holiday shopping, please use the Thinking Poker affiliate link for Expand
Thinking Poker Diaries Volume 3 On Sale Now!
1 DAY AGO - The latest and greatest volume in my Thinking Poker Diaries is now available at It Expand
What’s Your Play? Suited Broadway Preflop
5 DAYS AGO - This is the beginning of a multi-street What’s Your Play? Unlike many of these, it’s Expand
$9000 Pot at $5/$10 NL
11/01/2015 - A few people asked about this pot after I bragged about it on Twitter, so here it is, pretty sure Expand
Tonking vs Newhouse, Part 1
02/01/2015 - I know I’m a little to the party, but for my take on Mark Newhouse’s infamous main Expand
What’s Your Play? Top Pair Facing Turn Donk Results
24/12/2014 - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? Top Pair Facing Turn Donk. Sorry for the Expand
Episode 106: Nick Wealthall
16/12/2014 - Nick Wealthall is a TV presenter, writer and broadcaster who works in comedy, poker and sports Expand
Episode 105: Coaching Carlos
09/12/2014 - The second batch of Thinking Poker Premium Podcasts is now available, and tonight you’re Expand
Mailbag: Defending the Big Blind
05/12/2014 - This post is inspired by a question from the Tournament Poker Edge forums. I’m just going to Expand
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