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Episode 127: Scooping the SCOOP
3 HRS AGO - The SCOOP is underway, and so Andrew and Nate grab time to record when they can, with Andrew Expand
SCOOP Day 10: Super Tuesday
3 DAYS AGO - I got off to a bad start in this tournament and didn’t recover in time to survive a lost Expand
SCOOP Day 8: No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
7 DAYS AGO - The day started off not much differently from the last. I busted the $2K Warm-Up with Queens on Expand
SCOOP Day 6: $2K 6-Max Shootout
16/05/2015 - I intended to play the $1K Big Antes event as well, but I didn’t realize (or more precisely, Expand
Episode 125: Angela Jordison
12/05/2015 - Angela Jordison made headlines when she won the first three events of the Spring Poker Round-Up at Expand
Episode 124: Reid Young
06/05/2015 - Before Black Friday, Reid Young was one of the most successful no-limit hold ‘em players on Expand
Don’t Judge Me Too Harshly
26/04/2015 - I made a pretty bad fold last night. I’m more than a bit embarrassed to post it, and Expand
Episode 121: Joe Giron
14/04/2015 - Joe Giron has been photographing the World Series of Poker and other major poker events for nearly Expand
Selling Action in SCOOP Package
06/04/2015 - I’m going to be in Vancouver next month for the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Expand
SCOOP Days 13 and 14: Chun-Yat Set Gardnes and Six-Max Super Knockout
1 DAY AGO - As much as I like Zoom tournaments, I needed a day off, and Friday was it. I spent a good chunk of Expand
Episode 126: The Great White North
6 DAYS AGO - Andrew and Nate talk about Andrew’s recent friction entering Canada to play online poker, Expand
SCOOP Day 7: 4-Max and Variable Levels
17/05/2015 - Today was the most frustrating day I’ve had so far, though I suppose that’s in part Expand
SCOOP Day 5: Super Progressive Knock-Out
15/05/2015 - I’ve made a few attempts to study this game and talked it over with some intelligent people Expand
SCOOP Day 2: Heads Up and Full Ring Rebuy
12/05/2015 - I decided to unregister the Low buy-in heads up event, because heads up really isn’t a game Expand
Podcast Coming Tuesday & Fun Hand
03/05/2015 - Apologies, but I probably won’t have a chance to post the new podcast episode until Tuesday. Expand
The Death of Poker (brought to you by Legacy Headstones of Ohio)
25/04/2015 - I get a lot of weird offers from random companies who want to pay me to put up ads or to do Expand
A Bad Time to Balance
11/04/2015 - $5/$10/$20 game with $2500 stacks. UTG2 opens to $60, gets four calls, I call with 85s in the BB. Expand
What’s Your Play? Suited Gapper In Position, Deep Results
03/04/2015 - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? Suited Gapper In Position, Deep. The very Expand
SCOOP Days 11 and 12: Super Knockout and Twitch Eight-or-Better
2 DAYS AGO - The High event I planned to play on Wednesday was the $2K re-entry. As with several of the other Expand
Scoop Day 9: In The Money
7 DAYS AGO - The Day 2 restart for the $2000 Sunday Million (you can find Day 1 hands here) started at 11:30, Expand
Talking to John Wood, mental game coach
16/05/2015 - John Wood recently reached out to me to do a short interview for a site called PokerHeadrush. You Expand
SCOOP Days 3 and 4: Super Tuesday and Ante Up
14/05/2015 - I didn’t post yesterday because nothing much of interest happened in the Super Tuesday, and Expand
SCOOP Day 1: Warm-Up, 6M Progressive, and Sunday Million
11/05/2015 - As I now live on the west coast, I decided to do Vancouver instead of Montreal for my online Expand
Episode 123: Carlos Ascendant
27/04/2015 - Gareth Chantler joins Andrew in San Francisco to talk to Carlos Welch about his career-changing Expand
Episode 122: Ethics and Strategy
21/04/2015 - Nate and Andrew field some mailbag questions related to both poker strategy and ethics, including Expand
Episode 120: Matt Savage
07/04/2015 - Matt Savage, tournament director extraordinaire, talks shop about it takes to put on a great Expand
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