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Hells Cold Day
Mental Game Fish
Reading Poker Tells
Thinking Poker
I’ve Made a Huge Mistake
14 HRS AGO - This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve done all WCOOP. Villain is Pascal Lefrancois. I Expand
Mental game podcast – Daniel Negreanu
4 DAYS AGO - The Mental Game of Poker Podcast is back with a special guest – Daniel Negreanu! He and Expand
Episode 94: Terrence Chan
6 DAYS AGO - Terrence Chan discusses his long career, from the beginning of the poker book and working at Expand
The Worst Seat at the Table
05/09/2014 - My latest poker strategy article, The Worst Seat at the Table Should Be the One On Your Right, is Expand
Poker and Politics, Part 1
27/08/2014 - I’ve read a lot of commentary on Olivier Busquet and Dan Colman’s t-shirts from the Expand
Scott Seiver’s verbal behavior in One Drop
20/08/2014 - People have been talking about Scott Seiver’s table talk in this year’s One Drop Expand
What’s Your Play? TPTK Facing Strange Line
16/08/2014 - This one comes from a $10-$25 game against a very tough and creative opponent. We’ve played Expand
Where to WCOOP?
13/08/2014 - Hello dear readers! I’m writing today to ask for thoughts and advice. I want to go abroad Expand
What’s Your Plan? Good Draw, Lots of Interest
06/08/2014 - This is from a $5/$10 NLHE live game. Opponents are some combination of intimidated by and annoyed Expand
Kings Pre-Flop
01/08/2014 - I played two big pre-flop pots with KK in Las Vegas cash games, one where I ended up folding and Expand
Trip report: Hypnotherapy session with Elliot Roe in Las Vegas
1 DAY AGO - I was in Las Vegas this summer, doing a few poker tells presentations. Jonathan Little, me, and Expand
An Interesting Stud/8 Hand
4 DAYS AGO - The Stud/8 situations I find most interesting are often those where you have what looks like a low Expand
Crucial WCOOP Double-Up
7 DAYS AGO - This was from the first table of the $300 6-handed NLHE shoot-out. Villain is a very successful Expand
Episode 93: Andrew “BalugaWhale” Seidman
03/09/2014 - Andrew and Nate review a hand from a live $1/$2 cash game before talking with semi-professional Expand
Episode 92: Olivier Busquet
26/08/2014 - Andrew and Nate skip the strategy this week to get right to a special hour-long interview with Expand
Episode 91: Brian Rast
18/08/2014 - Brian Rast may not have the knack for self-promotion that some of the biggest names in the Expand
The Law of Averages
15/08/2014 - The law of averages is often quoted for an optimistic view of a player’s future. When applied to Expand
Episode 90: Tony “Bond18″ Dunst
12/08/2014 - Tony “Bond18″ Dunst, host of the World Poker Tour’s Raw Deal, joins the Thinking Expand
Episode 89: Fumbling in the Dark with Gareth Chantler
04/08/2014 - There’s no Andrew this week, but Gareth Chantler catches Nate up on his “new Expand
WSOP Road Trip 2014 Day 7
29/07/2014 - This is a conclusion of a series of posts that starts here with an introduction to who these Expand
PLO8 WCOOP Bustout Hand
2 DAYS AGO - I’m too tired to try to pick out the most interesting hand of the tournament, so Expand
Checking the Nut Flush Draw
5 DAYS AGO - This is something I do sometimes. There are often exploitive reasons for it, but I do also think Expand
Heroic WCOOP Fold
08/09/2014 - I got the WCOOP off to a decent start today, ultimately busting Event 1 ($109 full ring NLHE) and Expand
Poker and Politics, Part 2
30/08/2014 - In my previous post, I argued that there are a number of political issues (construing the term Expand
What’s Your Play? TPTK Facing Strange Line Results
22/08/2014 - I’m really impressed with the comments on What’s Your Play? TPTK Facing Strange Line. Expand
Podcast Preview
18/08/2014 - Here’s a little preview of the show that should be coming out later today. Before you get Expand
Poker Tells Webinar on September 25th
13/08/2014 - I’m going to do a live poker tells webinar on September 25th at 6pm PST (9pm EST). It will Expand
What’s Your Plan? Good Draw, Lots of Interest Results
10/08/2014 - You all are really getting the hang of this! I’m impressed by how many of you began your Expand
A Wide Range Situation From the Main Event
03/08/2014 - My latest poker strategy article, A Wide Range Situation From the Main Event, is now appearing in Expand
Episode 88: Andrew vs Nate
28/07/2014 - On Episode #88 of the Thinking Poker Podcast Andrew Brokos andNate Meyvis break down two hands Expand
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