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Hells Cold Day
Mental Game Fish
Reading Poker Tells
Thinking Poker
Mailbag: Pre-Flop Raise Sizing
1 DAY AGO - This question actually comes from the Tournament Poker Edge forums, but I decided to answer it Expand
Episode 101: Jim Greer
12/11/2014 - Jim Greer, founder of Kongregate, is an avid poker player. Now he’s using game theory to Expand
It Finally Happened
04/11/2014 - We came close a few times, but we managed to make it through one hundred episodes without ever Expand
Episode 100: Nate Meyvis and Andrew Brokos
28/10/2014 - This landmark episode sets a new bar for navel-gazing, as guest hosts Carlos Welch and Gareth Expand
Coming Attraction: Ben Sulsky
21/10/2014 - As you’ve probably noticed, Episode 99 of the Thinking Poker Podcast has not yet been Expand
WSOP mention & early-hand ostentatious behavior
14/10/2014 - I got a few texts from friends the other night, telling me I’d gotten another shout-out from Expand
WCOOP Main Event
29/09/2014 - After a great series, the Main Event was a real disappointment. I cashed in 14 of the 40 Expand
22/09/2014 - I made Day 2 of the $200 Sunday Warm-Up WCOOP, which, with only 109 of 8000+ entrants making it Expand
Finding New Ways to Run Bad
18/09/2014 - I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve called with a bluff-catcher and lost to a Expand
Episode 95: Ryan Laplante
16/09/2014 - Andrew gives us an update from Montreal, where he is grinding theWorld Championship of Online Expand
Episode 102 Dara O’Kearney
4 DAYS AGO - Dara O’Kearney went pro somewhat later in life than your average grinder, but his background Expand
The Hangover, Nitcast-Style
10/11/2014 - Episode 101 of the podcast is coming this week, hopefully tonight. It may be a bit delayed, but it Expand
Live MTT Hand History Review
30/10/2014 - My latest series of poker tournament training videos is now appearing on Tournament Poker Edge. Expand
The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1
24/10/2014 - I’m excited to announce, to those who missed the news on Twitter and the podcast, that Expand
Episode 98: Chris Moon
15/10/2014 - Chris Moon, a border-straddling tournament pro and Tournament Poker Edge instructor, is on the Expand
Reg Wars
11/10/2014 - If you’ve been mourning the lack of brag posts here since the end of WCOOP, your prayers Expand
Stealing Dynamics in Razz
25/09/2014 - Disclaimer: Just a reminder that I am a decidedly non-expert Razz player, so take this post as my Expand
Taking the Initiative
21/09/2014 - I’m often asked about donk betting or when to take the initiative away from an opponent Expand
Poking the Bear
18/09/2014 - This is from the $215 4-max WCOOP event. Villain is Chris Moorman. In my experience, this sort of Expand
I’ve Made a Huge Mistake
15/09/2014 - This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve done all WCOOP. Villain is Pascal Lefrancois. I Expand
Podcast Guests Have Great Success
7 DAYS AGO - The World Poker Tour has been kind to our podcast guests this week. Faraz Jaka won the WPT South Expand
Lessons From the Felt
04/11/2014 - My latest Two Plus Two article, Lessons From the Felt, is a deviation from the norm. Instead of Expand
A couple televised poker hands and analysis
29/10/2014 - The following is an email from Thomas Hutchinson, a reader of my books, interspersed with my Expand
Episode 99: Ben Sulsky
22/10/2014 - For a guy who’s played $500/$1000 no-limit, Ben “Sauce123″ Sulsky is a Expand
Mailbag: Friends Don’t Bluff Friends
14/10/2014 - Sorry for the delay on this week’s podcast. We do still have an episode in the works. In the Expand
Episode 97: Kristy’s Back
07/10/2014 - On Episode 77, we spoke to Kristy Arnett as she was about to embark on a career as a professional Expand
Episode 96: Triple Draw, PLO8, and the WCOOP
24/09/2014 - Andrew is still grinding the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker in Montreal, so he and Expand
Bottom of My Range + Blockers = Bomb It
20/09/2014 - This was from the $215 rebuy WCOOP. Villain is a Zoom regular, we’ve played a few hundred Expand
Five Card Regret
17/09/2014 - Five card regret is a variation of five card draw allowing for self-deprecation. There are three Expand
Trip report: Hypnotherapy session with Elliot Roe in Las Vegas
14/09/2014 - I was in Las Vegas this summer, doing a few poker tells presentations. Jonathan Little, me, and Expand
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