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Hells Cold Day
Mental Game Fish
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Thinking Poker
Episode 75: Sam Grafton
1 DAY AGO - Sam Grafton’s post-graduate studies in critical theory make him the first guest capable of Expand
Monkey see, monkey do (part 2)
4 DAYS AGO - With theory in the bag, Dan O'Callaghan ends his class with a real example which shows when Expand
What’s Your Play? Over-Limp-Back-Raised Results
04/04/2014 - I was pleasantly surprised by the great discussion of this week’s What’s Your Play? I Expand
Drinking your own urine and playing poker
31/03/2014 - When it comes to poker, I have a very Eastern philosophy. Some people think that getting better at Expand
Mailbag: Kings on an Ace-High Flop
27/03/2014 - Q: We are in a .25/.50 NLholdem home game, 5 players are left. Hero and villain are the two big Expand
Barreling in a Live MTT
23/03/2014 - If you’ve seen my Bluffing series on Tournament Poker Edge, then you know that I’ve Expand
Choose Your Podcast This Week
17/03/2014 - That’s a coy way of saying we don’t have a new episode for you. We’ll be back Expand
Poker trip to Los Angeles, observing verbal behavior
08/03/2014 - I spent a week in L.A. at the end of February, playing poker and appearing in a couple episodes of Expand
Played embarrassingly bad on Live At The Bike
06/03/2014 - I played $1-3 PLO last Tuesday on Live At The Bike and then $5-10 NLHE last night. I got made fun Expand
What’s Your Play? Ran Out a Straight
02/03/2014 - Game is $5/$10 no-limit hold ‘em. Villain begins the hand with $1570, Hero covers as does Expand
What’s Your Play? Jacks in Multiway Pot
2 DAYS AGO - This hand is from a $5/$10 game at Maryland Live, currently playing 7-handed. Both Villains seem Expand
Monkey see, monkey do (part 1)
6 DAYS AGO - PKR Live 2014 runner-up Dan O'Callaghan explains the need for logic behind the decision to Expand
Dealing With Aggression in Tournaments
03/04/2014 - My latest poker strategy article, Dealing With Aggression in Tournaments, is now appearing in 2+2 Expand
Review of Ed Miller’s book Playing The Player
31/03/2014 - I wrote a book review of Ed Miller’s 2012 book Playing the Player, which you can read Expand
Premium Podcasts Now Available
26/03/2014 - In case you didn’t hear the announcement on the latest podcast, Nate and I have just Expand
Mailbag: Big Pair, Everyone Calls
21/03/2014 - Q: I am an active live player who plays in local games in NYC. This hand was from a $1/$3 NLHE Expand
Can Your Opponents Change Their Stripes?
13/03/2014 - I just realized I never plugged my latest poker strategy article, which went up at the beginning Expand
Brain fart at the UKPC
08/03/2014 - Give every decision due time and attention, says Team Pro's London boy
The Mental Game of Dog Training – guest post by Cian Liddy
04/03/2014 - One of the really unexpected joys that has come from The Mental Game of Poker has been the ways in Expand
Replay: welllbet v discomonkey
01/03/2014 - Team PKR Pro Sofia Lövgren explains her strategic train of thought in a hand from the Sunday Expand
Evaluating Bluffs
4 DAYS AGO - I’ve got a new series now going live at Tournament Poker Edge. It’s called Evaluating Expand
Episode 74: Clayton Fletcher
08/04/2014 - Clayton Fletcher, professional poker player and comedian, talks about growing up in a poker Expand
Episode 73: Matthew Hunt
01/04/2014 - Matthew “theginger45″ Hunt is one of the newest video producers at Tournament Poker Expand
What’s Your Play? Over-Limp-Back-Raised
31/03/2014 - Sitting in a nitty, ten-handed $2/$5 game that isn’t even really worth playing but I’m Expand
Episode 72: Strategy with Optional More Strategy
25/03/2014 - After last week’s interruption, Nate and Andrew are back with an all-strategy episode plus Expand
WPT Venice: A pre flop quandary
18/03/2014 - Simon Hemsworth analyses his exit hand when deep in a recent €3,000 live event
Episode 71: Ed Miller on Poker’s 1%
10/03/2014 - Ed Miller, whose first first appearance on the show set a new bar for Thinking Poker Podcast Expand
What’s Your Play? Ran Out a Straight Results
07/03/2014 - Thanks for all the comments on What’s Your Play? Ran Out a Straight. I don’t have Expand
Episode 70: Jennifer Shahade
04/03/2014 - Jennifer Shahade is a two-time American Women’s Chess Champion, an author, and a Expand
Mailbag: Looking at the Clock
27/02/2014 - Q: I was BB ($600) and held KhKc. UTG+1 LAG ($500) limps CO limps Button (<$100) limps SB Expand
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